Cruise Fun – Towel Animals

Every cruise line seems to have some version of folded-towel animals for housekeeping to leave on guests’ beds. It’s a charming bit of fun, and the creativity seems to be endless.

It’s also apparently a thing to photograph the fuzzy sculptures, then hide them from the staff so that a group photo may be taken just before the cruise ends. We managed to get photos of each critter, though housekeeping managed to take one away before the big group shot.

We came on board a little too late for a towel critter on our embarkation day, so this little hound was there to surprise us after supper on the second day.



The next several days were met with enchanting little towel animals awaiting us each evening.


This one we never did figure out. We know it’s supposed to be an animal, but not what kind!



This guy got away form us, sadly. our elephant was only with us for a day. We forgot to hide it with the rest and housekeeping took it away.



This cheeky rabbit really caught us by surprise.  We came in to find him not only hogging the bed and the remote, but watching cartoons!



Our last official evening we were greeted with this heart on the bed.



Of course, we had to take the obligatory group shot of the survivors, in this case watching whatever the remote-hog rabbit wanted to watch while we were out.



In the end, we left them all lined up along the top shelves of our stateroom to surprise our housekeeper. Sadly, I did not manage to capture that memory, but I will certainly do my best to do so next time.

— Ann Cathey
Additional photos by Christopher