Food Porn 3

I pulled a few photos from an album I started on Facebook a few of years ago. the food photos were, as they have been in this series, culled from stock photography. They were previously marked with where they were taken, in case you find any of them interesting enough to track down and sample.

The following temptations were photographed at two restaurants in the Conroe, Texas area: Which-Wich and the 105 Cafe. While Which-Wich is a chain of tasty sandwich offerings, the 105 Cafe has been covered in this blog previously. Check it out here [insert link to blog entry].

Surf & Turf

Rueben Sammich

Peppered Kettle style Potato Chips

Feta And Spinach Omelette

Smoked Chicken Omelette

Thick Pancakes

— Ann Cathey