Opt to Adopt – Cats at MCAS

DSC_0300 smAs a followup on yesterday’s post about the overcrowding at a local shelter, here are some additional photos I was able to take in one of the feline play-rooms. These cats are all available for adoption! If you are not in the market for a new companion animal, please share this post with your friends – maybe they will be after seeing these furry gems. 🙂

All of the cats featured are currently available for adoption at MCAS as of 8/27/2014. My apologies for not getting all of their names and ID codes.

DSC_0287 sm DSC_0283 sm DSC_0288 smDSC_0292DSC_0299 smDSC_0297 smDSC_0291 smDSC_0295 smDSC_0290 Chelsea smDSC_0301 smDSC_0286 smDSC_0302 smThank you for taking the time to look at them all. Remember that an adoption application may be printed out and completed before hand to save time in the adoption process.

— Ann Cathey

Opt to Adopt – Overcrowding Kills

Rescued kitten we are now calling "Muffin". She needs a good home. Any volunteers?

Rescued kitten we are now calling “Muffin”. She needs a good home. Any volunteers?

We had a need to visit the Montgomery County Animal Shelter on FM242 today.


Sadly it was to drop off a rescued kitten (half-grown) who had been picked up from behind a trash compactor behind a restaurant. We have a surfeit of rescued pets at home already, and didn’t want to add to their stress with a new resident cat.


When we saw the notice below, there was a change of heart.

Euthanasia Warning

Euthanasia Warning

We checked with the receptionist to find that the shelter is hosting 725 animals, as of right then. There were people in looking to adopt a new companion, but they were few this morning. There are kittens of various ages being kenneled in the reception area and halls because the shelter is so full.

So Many Kittens...

So Many Kittens…




A “recycled” pet may not have a pedigree, but if you are looking for unconditional love, does that really matter?


A shelter pet may even seem expensive. When you factor in the cost not only of intake, bathing, feeding, de-fleaing, and upkeep while the animal is being kept at the shelter, but of the shots, de-worming, veterinary exams, and spay/neuter, that companion animal is a veritable bargain.

Chelsea (Siamese Blue Eyes)

Chelsea (Siamese Blue Eyes) – longhaired Rag Doll mix


Remi – female short hair

DSC_0285 Play Room

Kitty Play-Room








There are two feline play-rooms where you can meet several cats all at the same time. These cats are proven to get along with other cats as is borne out by their presence in the kitty play-rooms.




Canine Play Area Out Front

Canine Play Area Out Front

For the dogs and puppies, not only are there the indoor kennels, but a lot of outdoor kennels available to peruse through as well. Most dogs are allowed to be taken out on a leash to the large runs so that you may play with them and get a feel for their character.



Not every shelter does this, but MCAS hosts the Diamonds in Ruff program offering dogs and Purrls for cats who have been at the shelter for more than 60 days for a flat $25 adoption fee. There are even some who have been hosted over 80 days!

DSC_0279 Take Me Home

Please Take Me Home

This is one shelter who as no-kill as possible, but overcrowding often calls for desperate measures. When there is no room left in the kennels or foster homes, what else can be done? Please help those pets who have been abandoned, thrown away on the road, surrendered because they are too old, the new baby is allergic, or because that cute little puppy grew into a very large dog. It’s not the pet’s fault that humans are so fickle.

All of the cats featured in this article are currently available for adoption.
My apologies for not getting all of their names and ID codes.


O’Brian – male ginger tabby

MCAS is open for adoptions Monday through Friday from 10am until 5pm and Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 4pm. Their adoption application is available online if you wish to print one and have it filled out in advance.

For more information, please go visit their website.


As a side note, all of the pets in my home and my daughter’s home are rescues or shelter animals. They include a batch of cats, a Siberian Husky, an Australian Shepherd, an American Bulldog, and an American Pitbull Terrier. Not all stays are mixed breeds.

— Ann Cathey