Katz’s Deli – The Woodlands TX

Post Covid-19 visit to Katz’s wasn’t as horrific as we had feared. Masks were a thing for both patrons and employees, butthe food had not changed at all! 🙂

Except to get even better. 🙂

We started the evening with the Texas Pecan Hummus with Whipped Feta and bagel chips. Amazing flavors that got polished off before the sandiches arrived.

He chose the Klassic Pastrami on sourdough with Swiss cheese and mayonaisse.

I gave in to the hunger and ordered a lean breadless New Yoirker Rueben. For those not in the know, the New Yorker is the humungosized sandwich.With lean meat and no bread it becomes much more diabetic and keto friendly.

Needless to say, we enjoyed out meal very much and left quite satisfied.

Definitely will do this again as often as possible! Not just as a birthday week treat for me. 🙂

On the 1-5 scale, KATZ’S DELI IN THE WOODLANDS has earned:

Cleanliness – 5

Service – 4

Quality of food – 5

Flavor – 5

Pricing – 3

Overall experience – 4.4

19075 I-45 North (exit 77)
Shenandoah, TX 77385-8705
(936) 321-1880
Open 24 Hours

Enjoy! We certainly did!

– Ann Cathey

Amazing Cauliflower Disguises

There’s cauliflower, and then there’s cauliflower.

Some enterprising cooks have come up with more than a dozen recipes one might never suspect are cauliflower. This is a boon to diabetics and gluten-intolerant folk everywhere – if you can get past the fact that you are facing down a dish of “plant brains”.

Insanely Clever Ways To Eat Cauliflower Instead of Carbs

It’s not mentioned in this article, but there are now several different colors of cauliflower readily available on the market to help dress up your recipes with some flair. Purple, green, and a buttery orange as well as the commonly known white cauliflower will add visual appeal to your dishes.

I find the idea of the cauliflower grilled cheese to be supremely exciting, and plan to try it out as soon as possible!

–Ann Cathey