Gypsy Joynt – Galveston, Texas


In a building that has survived multiple hurricanes, a little hippie restaurant opened that’s a definite winner. Gypsy Joynt is an eclectic mix of atmosphere, food, coffees, and desserts that’s sure to grab your attention. Don’t be fooled by the exterior where the flagpoles proudly bear bandannas, t-shirts and jeans, this place rocks.


From the time we walked in to the time we left, we were treated to an array of Rolling Stones music. Seemed to be the sound of the day and we didn’t mind in the slightest. The dj booth is built of what looks like scavenged wood, with racks of LPs, and a command station presided over by a computer that rules the sound system. I didn’t get too good a look at the rest of the goodies in the booth, as there was so much more to see.

There’s a lot of dark wood, including the tables and mismatched chairs, that helps to give a comfortably cave-like feel to the interior, Shawls hung over the windows, scarves and beads from the ceiling, with a scattered mix of period posters, toys, and other implementada ranging from the late 50’s to the mid 70’s along the walls. The bar top (they do serve beer) where you place your order, is cut from an old pool table. The slab still has it’s felt jacket, and the pockets their leather baskets.

Pick up a menu and be prepared for a wild ride!

From pizza to focacia sandwiches and wraps, to salads to a truly decadent dessert bar, this place seems to have a little bit of everything.



Smoretella – Nutella, toasted marshmallow, Graham cracker.

Autumn Cocoa – fudge, pumpkin spice, homemade pumpkin marshmallow.



Rocco Rocks – mac-n-cheese and brisket pizza. Think what you will, but one of our tablemates called it “possibly the perfect pizza”.


dsc_0021Big & Sloppy – a chili cheeseburger that might best be served on a plate instead of a burger basket! I ordered bunless and was not disappointed. The grilled sirloin patty was served up beneath sliced cheddar and a ton of house-made chili. The chili wasn’t hot, which was a very pleasant change from today’s trend toward scorching your face off, though it usually comes with hot onions and jalapenos. Yes, those are sweet potato waffle fries.



I Love Lucy – This lovely combo sandwich was ordered as a wrap. Stuffed with ham, pulled pork, Swiss cheese, house-made pickles and mustard, it was a tasty and filling meal when coupled with the sweet potato waffle fries.



House-made pickles – What a pleasant surprise! With a firm crunch, these thick wavy slices come in somewhere between hamburger dills and kosher, with a sweet afterglow on the back of the tongue.


When next you are on Galveston Island and feeling a bit peckish, skip the Strand and give this Joynt a try.

On the 1-5 scale, Gypsy Joynt gets:
Cleanliness – 4.5
Service – 3
Quality of food – 5
Flavor – 5
Pricing – 3.5
Overall experience – 4.2

Gypsy Joynt
2711 Market Street
Galveston, Texas 77550


— Ann Cathey

Texas Renaissance Festival – Part 1

The Texas Renaissance Festival is a major attraction for the Magnolia area, bringing over 30,000 visitors a weekend for eight weekends in October and November. There is so much to see and do there that it’s often difficult to see the amount of work that goes into the details and background elements. Just as with a movie, the settings are a powerful addition to the experience.

The Newmarket Village offers more than just busty chests and pirate flags to entertain you visually. Below are some examples of things to feast the eyes upon.

DSC_0696A stucco bell tower containing huge wind chimes that bell a deep and resounding set of tones.







DSC_0673A Gypsy caravan, the likes of which few Americans ever get to see without leaving the country. Gypsies are present, but this mode of travel, drawn by horses, apparently never became popular here as it did in Europe.

DSC_0674Ever wondered what a ball and chain really looks like? This one was found in a piratical shop.  It certainly looks as though it held a miserable prisoner on board a humid ship at least once.






DSC_0803This is the original TRF chapel. The framework is of heavy treated lumber, and the greenery is maintained year-round to offer a structure that is part of the land to those wishing to be married, or to those who wish to sit and enjoy a peaceful moment.





DSC_0837This mermaid statue is hidden on the garden paths running along the creek outside of Sherwood Forest. She originally served as a fountain in the water garden, and more recently as a statue in the green grottoes.



DSC_0711The Gryphon is an amazing bit of costume creation. The leather and feather portions of the outfit are cunningly wrought to give the impression of a beast that walks among the patrons of the Faire.





DSC_0787All’s well that ends well. This is an example of the fantastic patterns on the coat of a zeony. That’s a cross between a pony and zebra. This little dun beauty is part of a children’s pony ride at the Faire. He is amazing to behold. Truly a mount worthy of the children of royalty.





We hope you enjoy this little tour of visual treats that are often overlooked. When next you visit the Texas Renaissance Festival, be sure to look for the little details that surround you once you are inside the gate – you may find the background just as interesting as the main stage!

— Ann Cathey