Beer: Newcastle Brown Ale IP

There are a lot of reviews out there on Newcastle Brown Ale. It is a good, consistent brew with a texture and flavor that is obviously pleasing to a lot of people, including me. It is an English import, so don’t expect it to taste exactly as if it were pulled at a UK pub. the bottled imports are always a bit “less” in my experience.

There is, sadly, no link to Tadcaster Brewery, as shown on the label of my bottle, that I can locate. The link above is to the Wikipedia page for Newcastle Brown Ale. It is replete with interesting information if you like a background for your brew.

Newcastle Ale PicWhen pouring, Newcastle presents a light, pillowy head that doesn’t cling. The ale itself is a lovely color reminiscent of a well brewed iced tea – medium brown with a hint of gold.

The aroma is nutty, with some hoppiness present. A bitterness is there as well, but not harsh enough to detract from the experience.

The mouthfeel is not subtle, having a good carbonation level. It finishes smoothly on the palate, leaving hints of pecan and walnut. The hops make themselves known at the very end in a crisp manner. The overall experience is heartier than most American beers, and well suited as an accompaniment to anything from a simple burger to a good steak. it also serves as a stand-alone drink or an aperitif.

Newcastle is, for me, a great go-to beer. It has proven to be a good introduction beer to brown ales for uneducated or undereducated palates.

On a scale of 1-5 —
Appearance: 4
Scent: 4
Flavor: 4
Texture: 4
Overall: 4

-Ann Cathey