Add Color to Your Diet

Break away from the American tendency to eat brown and white. Meat and potatoes are great in moderation, but you need something more to help maintain your health. Add color to your diet! When grocery shopping, be sure to put at least five different colors of produce in your cart. This is a handy way to ensure nutritional benefits for the coming week.

Some examples:

Avocados are a creamy source of heart-healthy fats, as well as non-animal proteins.

Tomatoes contain lycopene, the antioxidant that gives tomatoes their red coloration. Lycopene may help lower the risk of certain types of cancer. Tomatoes are also a great tasting source of vitamin C.

Speaking of vitamin C, oranges are chock full of that immunity-boosting vitamin.

While not a favorite on everyone’s list, grapefruit is not only a vitamin C bearing citrus, some research suggests that it may help to lower “bad” cholesterol.

Everyone knows that bananas are a good source of potassium, but did you know they are also full of B6, a vitamin that helps your body convert food into energy?

Sweet and juicy, these melons are high in vitamin A, which helps maintain healthy eyes.


Use these examples to make wise choices in the foods you purchase and eat. Adding color to your diet will add not only appealing visuals, but an assortment of vitamins and minerals!

–Ann Cathey

Kickstarter Project for a Friend

A friend to the writers behind this blog is running a Kickstarter for an art project: a coloring book of unicorns with a well composed lesson written into the story. Support the arts! Pledge $1 (or more) to this art project today!

Our artist friend writes: “Once upon a time, a little girl had a dream. She dreamed she could dance with unicorns. As time went on, she realized that this would be a difficult thing to do, unless she could create the unicorns herself.

Putting her imagination to work, she began creating a story about meeting a unicorn prince. She refined the idea for many years, growing up and learning how to illustrate along the way. She never forgot that story.

The time has come to share this tale, and share the images that have grown along with it. The images are still being created in the modern style of its creator.

A coloring book is a timeless, innocent entertainment, allowing children and adults alike to express themselves. It is the artist’s hope that it is also the perfect way to share her childhood dream to Dance with the Unicorns.”

Coloring books are a great source of entertainment and a valuable teaching tool. This one looks like it would be a useful tool for homeschoolers, as well as fun for children of all ages. Help boost this project so it may help others!

This post will be taken down after the Kickstarter for this project has ended. (It won’t be needed, after all.)

–Ann Cathey