Mighty Fine Burgers – Austin, TX

We’re doing a repeat this week. It’s been three years since we first visited a Mighty Fine Burgers location, and we figured it might be time to go back and check up on them.

With five Austin locations, now, it’s not hard to “Keep Austin Mighty” by visiting this place when in town. We’ve only been to the University Oaks location, but it has been consistent every time, over a period of several years. that counts for a lot in our dining considerations.

There are three dining areas at this location – indoors, indoor patio, or outdoor patio (dog friendly). The indoor areas are filled with long trestle tables, benches and chairs, family style. The outdoor patio has picnic tables with umbrellas, presided over by a monstrous spreading oak. There’s also a play area for the kids beneath that ancient tree.

A refresher on the simplicity of the menu:

Not counting the kids’ menu, the burgers only come in two patty sizes – 1/2 pound and 1/4 pound. You may, of course, double up, but that’s up to you and your stomach. There’s also a crispy chicken breast available to grace your bun if you prefer.


Half Pound Cheeseburger

Burgers are alternately available on a gluten free bun for a dollar more, or in a bowl without a bun at all at no extra charge. The place can get a bit noisy around the lunch and dinner rush times, so be sure they hear you if you ask for these options.

Burgers or chicken come with your choice of shredded lettuce, sliced tomato, sliced onion, crinkle cut dill pickles, and grilled onions. Condiments are known simply as Red (ketchup), Yeller (mustard), or White (mayo) so don’t get confused when the person taking your order uses those terms. For a little extra you can have cheese, jalapenos, bacon, chili, or avocado added.

They offer crinkle cut fries and light and crispy onion rings deep fried in 100% trans-fat free peanut oil. Either may be ordered with cheese or chili.


DSC_0476Hand-dipped shakes come in the standard vanilla, strawberry or chocolate. The lemonade is fresh squeezed on site either original or strawberry. Specialty bottled sodas and beer are available. Fountain drinks and tea have unlimited refills, and depending on what you order you may need them.



Half Pound Chili Cheeseburger with extra pickles.

Don’t forget the napkins. Lots of napkins.

If you are wanting some nutritional information, I suggest checking it out after you’ve tasted their food. A PDF containing the relevant statistics is available online.

About those pickles? My money is on them being the fat cut kosher dills from the Mt. Olive line.

On the 1-5 scale, Mighty Fine gets:
Cleanliness – 5
Service – 5
Quality of food – 5
Flavor – 5
Pricing – Moderate
Overall experience – 5
Mighty Fine Burgers
201 University Oaks Blvd
Suite 1380
Round Rock, TX 78664
(512) 381-3310

–Ann Cathey

Burger Fresh – Conroe, TX

What was apparently over advertised as one of Conroe’s hidden gems turned out to be a bit of a disappointment for us when we visited for the first time. Even the window ads screamed of it’s popularity, highlighting several offerings and a rating in Texas Monthly’s Best Burgers in Texas.

Burger Fresh is a small establishment with a broad offering of burgers and sides, and even it’s own brand of hot sauce called “Road Kill”. Ordering a side with a full-size burger will get you free refills on the side order, too.IMG_1013

IMG_1015The by-the-register special of the day when we visited was a double with fries and a drink. Little did we suspect it was a Junior burger, though we figured on the one-shot fries and medium drink. It was on special, after all.




The fried pickles were the day’s saving grace, being thin, crispy, and flavorful. The crunch was simply sublime! If for nothing else, I will return to Burger Fresh for the fried pickles.


We do plan to return to this location and try the “grown-up” burgers. from what we’ve seen, they should be vastly better than the Jr. burgers. They had better be for the price.

IMG_1018On the 1-5 scale, Burger Fresh gets:
Cleanliness – 4
Service – 3
Quality of food – 3
Flavor – 3
Pricing – 3
Overall experience – 3.2

Burger Fresh
804 Gladstell St #110
Conroe, TX 77304
(936) 756-4414

–Ann Cathey