The Boiling Point – Sulphur LA

On our way out to NOLA recently, we were invited to lunch with some friends who live in Sulphur. They took us to a little dive that’s off the beaten path that’s a local favorite for seafood, especially crawfish.

DSC_0013The Boiling Point offers a lunch buffet, so the women went in that direction. My partner decided to try the shrimp po-boy with onion rings, while the last guy in the party didn’t even look at the menu before ordering a 3 pound tray of boiled crawfish with potatoes and corn.


The buffet held a small salad selection, but made up for it with dirty rice, gumbo, crawfish etouffe, and fried catfish. The daily selection will differ according to season, but as long as there is catfish, I’m in heaven.

DSC_0022The onion rings and po-boy were definitely tasty, though the meat was a little thin on the bun. The onion rings had a light and crispy batter with a nice crunch.




What can I say about the crawfish? There were a lot of those spicy little red bodies on that tray! Everyone shared a few, and for a little while there were only the crunching sounds of breaking carapaces and the slurping noises of traditional crawfish consumption. We were delighted with the way the mudbugs turned out and are reassured that they are consistent in their flavor and spiciness all season.

The menu also offers a variety of seafood dishes beyond the boiled crawfish, catfish,  hamburgers, steak, and a kids’ menu that’s full of comfort food. Baked potatoes have their own section on the menu and may be stuffed with several different meats including shrimp and chicken. Even the appetizers and salads are seafood-centric.

Drinks are the usual range of sodas, tea and coffee. Beer is available by the bottle, pulled glass, or pitcher, though the selection is a bit limited.


On the 1-5 scale, The Boiling Point gets:
Cleanliness – 3
Service – 3
Quality of food – 4.5
Flavor – 5
Pricing – 4
Overall experience – 3.9

The Boiling Point
1730 Beglis Parkway
Sulphur, LA 70663

(337) 625-9282

— Ann Cathey