Cruise Cuisine – Sapphire after Cozumel

The Sapphire dining experience rarely showed off any dish twice. There were some standby dishes, such as the flatiron steak and the shrimp cocktail, but even those were not available ever single night.

After our wandering about in Cozumel and having lunch in the trade market, we weary travelers came back aboard the Carnival Breeze to find sumptuous dining awaiting us once again.


The appetizer board featured a dish new to several of us, and so it had to be tried. While consisting of ground oyster mixed with the other ingredients rather than a whole one with a topping, the Oysters Rockefeller seemed to very much please all the gentlemen who gave it a try.


Oysters Rockefeller


My choice was the seared Ahi tuna. It was topped with a bit of caviar and plated over a cucumber salad dressed with a Romanesco vinaigrette.


Seared Ahi Tuna




Romanesco Vinaigrette and Cucumber Salad



There were so many enticing choices that our group ordered several things instead of copy-catting one another.



Pork Chops bedded on caramelized onion with Mashed Potato

My choice for this evening was the lamb shank. What looked and tasted like mashed potatoes turned out to be roasted cauliflower.


Rosemary Lamb Shank with Roasted Cauliflower and Root Vegetables

One of the other ladies indulged in Veal Parmigiana over pasta, and reported it to be perfectly tender and tasty.


Veal Parmigiana over Spaghetti with Tomato sauce and a side of Steamed Broccoli.



The dessert menu was, as ever, fully loaded, though for tonight several of us chose to stay on the lighter side of the list. We chose th lower calorie, no added sugar option: Coconut Cake.


Coconut Cake with Coconut Creme and Lime Jam


When we were done with our repast, we all had to take a walk around the decks to give our stomachs a little time to process everything!

— Ann Cathey



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