Cruise Cuisine – Adult Beverages

One always hears about the various alcoholic delights available on cruise ships. For some it is simply about volume. For others it is about savoring and satisfaction.

We encountered quite a few interesting fluids to imbibe, from the frosty to the room temperature.

I love port, especially tawnies, but had never tried this particular brand. Dow produces an extremely smooth ruby that playfully tantalizes the senses with its fruitiness, sweetness, and nose. It is indeed a gay little dessert option.


Dow 20 year Ruby Port


The Jameson Distilleries have branched out into some interesting “flavors” in their Irish whiskey line.  The Cask Mates are matured in barrels previously used by Cork’s Franciscan Well Brewery for maturing their stout beers. The result is smoother and less peaty than your average Jameson’s, with marzipan midtones, and a slightly bitter chocolate ghostliness on the back of the tongue.


Jameson’s Cask Mates, Irish whiskey matured in barrels previously used for stout.


What can be said about The Macallen that has not already been said by Scotch drinkers around the world? This was an excellent 18 year, with no holds barred sippability. Simply sublime.


The Macallen 18 year single malt Scotch


Sea Cow (that’s right: manatee) Milk Stout was a nice little find on board the Breeze. It’s produced by Saltwater Breweries in Delray, Florida. While it is definitely a stout, it maintained the creamy texture that lactose sugars are known for in brewing. A little chocolately, a little salty, with a thinner texture than Guinness, while maintaining an excellent all-around drinkability.


Sea Cow Milk Stout from Saltwater Brewery in Florida


Be sure to check out all of the bars on board – the stock is different in each one.

–Ann Cathey

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