Cruise Cuisine – Leaving Port

Embarkation is a tiring process: checking baggage, showing passports, shuffling paperwork, moving from one waiting area to another, waiting for your boarding group to be called, the quarter-mile uphill hike with your carry-ons from the terminal up the gantry and finally onto the ship itself. Then there’s finding your room so you can set things down and hopefully get your bags delivered in timely fashion. While waiting for those, you usually have some time to seek out food. You are definitely ready for it by this time!

dsc_0632-corn-at-tandoorWe nabbed an outdoor seat on the Lido deck and loaded up on tandoori style fish, chicken, beef and veggies. Unfortunately, we were too hungry to think to get photos. The food was fresh, spicy, and wonderfully tasty, including the roasted corn on the cob served with a rub of something green, hot, and delicious.


Because it was considered a ‘sea day’, most of the on board eateries were open and available to the passengers. This included Tandoor, Pirate Pizza, Guy’s Burgers, BlueIguana Tacos and a host of other nifty spots.

We also got our first exposure to dining in the Sapphire Room, one of two evening dining areas available to everyone as part of their cruise package. We weren’t sure what to expect, but were very pleasantly surprised with easily 4-star menus.

The appetizers that started off our experience were fairly simple and dishes we were already familiar with: Cured Salmon and Shrimp Cocktail.


What followed was the beginning of a beautiful culinary relationship. Our main course consisted of Grilled Swordfish Steak and Flat Iron Steak.


Before we could consider being stuffed with all this goodness, the dessert menu came around and we just had to sample some of the offerings. In this case, we came away with a Warm Date & Fig Pudding and Nutella Tiramisu.


Much to our delight, this was the first evening of several where we would be pampered by a very attentive staff, be offered high end dining choices, and enjoy fantastic company for prandial musings.

More to come.

–Ann Cathey


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