Truly Outstanding Recipes!

There are some truly amazing recipes out there on the web. Some we have tried, and some we have plans to try. check them out for yourself and make up your own mind about these delectable delights!

Here are a couple of the ones we have found that are more yummy than healthy by a long shot!

Grilled Cheese Crescent Doughnuts from ‘Oh, Bite It!” are a bit of a crescent doughnut and a bit of a grilled cheeses sandwich all rolled into one. Dash a bit of powdered sugar across the top and you have a cheesy version of a Monte Cristo. Reportedly this lovely little nugget goes great with tomato soup.

Bacon Explosion is one of those recipes that must be built, not just mixed up. We have produced several of them over the years, including not only the original pork version, but a beef and venison, and a turkey version as well. the beef and venison has been the most popular to date, though when we get around to rolling up a buffalo and lamb, we think we may have a new chart topper!

Give them a try and let us know what you think?


— Ann Cathey


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