Apollocon – An Intimate Gathering of Geeks, Nerds and Bibliophiles

I wrote this brief review of a favorite convention, Apollocon, after last year’s event, then promptly lost it. (Go me!)

Apollocon 2014 was a blast, just as it has been for the previous 9 years. That’s right, this was the 10th anniversary convention!

The guests started with authors David Gerrold and P.N. Elrod, artist Theresa Mather, and went wild from there. Apollocon doesn’t often have a media guest, but there are a lot more authors, artists, and even NASA scientists (for real!) on the discussion panels than most conventions of this type can boast.

Some of those authors included Lee King, George Padgett, Ann Cathey (me!), and lots of other writers who’s names I failed to commit to memory.

Game designers Jamie and Angela Hardy (Perilous Journeys) and Skippy (Redshirts) were on hand to promote and demo their games. A representative of Steve Jackson Games was on hand with their latest releases, too.

The food track had some old favorites, like a cheese tasting, 2 Scotch tastings, an ice-cream social, and a small class on beer. Add to this was the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party which offered loose teas brewed lovingly as you watched and an assortment of cakes and treats home-baked for the occasion.

Patti Prevet’s lovely cakes were not left out of the Artists’ Reception. She gave the sacred recipes over to Chucky Bones, who faithfully reproduced them for her. She is currently out of state and could not attend in person.

There’s lots more to carry on about at this convention, but instead of taking my word for it, why don’t you come see for yourself at Apollocon 2015 in Houston?

Apollocon 2015 is just around the corner! I’ll be there – will you?

— Ann Cathey

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