Opt to Adopt – Cats at MCAS

DSC_0300 smAs a followup on yesterday’s post about the overcrowding at a local shelter, here are some additional photos I was able to take in one of the feline play-rooms. These cats are all available for adoption! If you are not in the market for a new companion animal, please share this post with your friends – maybe they will be after seeing these furry gems. 🙂

All of the cats featured are currently available for adoption at MCAS as of 8/27/2014. My apologies for not getting all of their names and ID codes.

DSC_0287 sm DSC_0283 sm DSC_0288 smDSC_0292DSC_0299 smDSC_0297 smDSC_0291 smDSC_0295 smDSC_0290 Chelsea smDSC_0301 smDSC_0286 smDSC_0302 smThank you for taking the time to look at them all. Remember that an adoption application may be printed out and completed before hand to save time in the adoption process.

— Ann Cathey


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