New Release from Federation of Horsepower

I’m doing a shout-out for some folks up in Kansas City, Missouri. Federation of Horsepower is a “local” band up there. They are not new, nor are they comprised of kids. They are a hard-driving rock-n-roll band who, fortunately for yours truly, come down to Texas to play.

We were introduced to Mr. Horsepower (Gregg) by some mutual friends and were lucky enough to see them play Dan Electro’s Guitar Bar in Houston several years ago. We’ve been following them, listening to their music, and buying their albums ever since.

Hermanos de Sangre Cover ArtMy partner in crime was the first to purchase their new album. Hermanos de Sangre, this morning. We have listened to it a couple of times and are both pleased and impressed with the tracks. Sadly, there are only five tracks this time, but they are packed with the power of rock-n-roll, reminiscent of the late 70’s. This set of all-original material includes cars, chicks, tequila, and fried chicken.

If rock-n-roll is to your taste, give these guys a listen. They are well worth the time!

— Ann Cathey

EDIT: Quoth Mr. Horsepower, “While I am promoting the new FOHP release today…I would also like to point you in the direction of the talented artist who created the painting on our cover….should you ever find yourself in San Antonio and need some ink, go visit the amazing Gerardo Quetzatl Garcia at Calavera Custom Tattoo. Whether he likes it or not, he’s part of the FOHP extended family now!!”

Federation of Horsepower at ReverbNation.


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