Mighty Fine – Austin, Texas

We were introduced to this place (which we might otherwise have never found) by a good friend who lives in the area. Mighty Fine was a gamble, but it was indeed, a mighty fine burger.

Burgers here come in two sizes: the Classic (1/2 pound re-cooked weight), and the 1/4 pound (no special name). Either way, it comes with your choice of lettuce, tomatoes, crinkle dill pickles (strip cut), sliced onion or grilled onion, and includes Red, Yellow or White condiments. That would be ketchup, mustard or mayo for the uninitiated. Cheese, jalapenos, bacon, chili, and/or a gluten free bun may be added for an additional charge. They are cooked medium-well unless you request otherwise. We did, and the medium was nicely pink.


Burger #1 – Bacon, Cheese, Pickles, Lettuce, and White


Burger #2 – Bacon, Cheese, Lettuce,
Tomato, Pickle, Red and White

The only sides they offer are French fries and onion rings, which are also available with the same add-ons as the burgers. I can’t speak for the fries, though I did see them. They are a thin crinkle cut, and are apparently quite popular. The onion rings are an absolute delight. The breading is thin and crispy, and the onions sweet and tender and don’t slide out of the breading when you bite into one. Even if the burger had been crap, the onion rings would have made the trip worth it.

Insanely Good Onion Rings

Insanely Good Onion Rings

There is also a children’s menu that offers burgers and dogs, grilled cheese, drinks and shakes, and ice cream by the scoop.

The regular run of drinks are available, as well as sweet and unsweet tea, fresh squeezed lemonade in original and strawberry, and hand-dipped shakes in vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. They also offer a variety of bottled sodas and beer by the bottle. A far cry from some other minimalistic burger joints we’ve experienced.

The shakes, while not nearly as thick as Katz’s, are a nice consistency. The flavors we tried – chocolate and vanilla – are rich and smooth on the tongue. There is no powdery texture in the chocolate as is prevalent with a lot of Hershey’s based shakes. These shakes would get a 5 all on their own for being rich and smooth and creamy.

A burger alone at this place is a meal, though if you are a big eater, or sharing with a friend, be sure to add a side of fires or onion rings.

My Cohorts in Burger Exploration

My Cohorts in Burger Exploration

On the 1-5 scale, Mighty Fine gets:
Cleanliness – 5
Service – 5
Quality of food – 5
Flavor – 5
Pricing – Moderate
Overall experience – 5

-Ann Cathey

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