How Do You Order from Mickey D’s?

There are interesting things going on at McDonald’s – or at least available to those who know to ask.

Mac Sauce may be had on any sandwich, from the premium wraps to the lowly McDouble. You can even ask for a small cup of this tasty spread as a dipping sauce for chicken nuggets.

ImageYou can also order a McQuad – a double McDouble. This is four beef patties with plenty of cheese in a single bun. Want some leaf lettuce to help push that protein through? Just ask. It is easier at some locations to simply order two McDoubles (one with Mac sauce and one with lead lettuce) and put it together yourself.

ImageIf you ask for a McGangbang (That’s right, I said McGANGBANG), you may not get it. It’s tasty, but rude. All you need to do is order one Spicy McChicken and one McDouble. Open the McDouble so the one meat patty is on each half of the bun. Pull the spicy chicken and lettuce off the other sandwich and lay it in between the beef. Close up the sandwich and enjoy!

Get creative when you are at McDonald’s! Don’t feel you have to stick to the menu – order the flavors you want!

–Ann Cathey


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